Monday, September 20, 2010

First Weekend of Fall...Just around the corner!

First, I want to thank everyone who came out and showed their support on our One Year Anniversary Weekend.  We had a blast, and thanks to you, it was a huge success! This coming weekend is a big one for Townsend.  We have SO many things going on.  Not only is it the beginning of our fall season, but it is also the weekend of The Old Timers Day and Fall Heritage Festival.  People flock from all over to experience the Great Smoky Mountains and all they have to, music, dance, and craft.  This year, the Heritage Center will also be hosting a Blue Ribbon Country Fair, complete with a cattle show and hog calling contest.
But, I have to say that the best place to be is Trillium Cove Shopping Village.  You can check out all the unique shops and boutiques, plus enjoy fresh delicious food, wine and beer at the Picnic Pantry.  Take your time as you meander through this quaint area or just sit, relax and listen to the FREE, LIVE MUSIC playing this weekend.  As you journey to Townsend this weekend, make sure Trillium Cove is one of your stops! We'll look forward to seeing you there!   

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