Sunday, August 30, 2009

Our Doors Are Open...

We did it! Shelves full and doors unlocked! We've even added new artisans. You have to come check out our fiber art monsters by Canoo; fused glass pieces by Sassy Glass Studio; ceramics by Courtney Murphy; jewelry by Foundling & Meg Leigh Designs; metal art by Preston Farabow; pottery by Julie Covington; skirts by Southern Skirts; and woodwork by Greg Miller. I'll be posting pics this coming week. Check back with us to see how the gallery has taken shape!


  1. Great to hear you're open. We Texans hope to come shopping in October.

    Jerry and Katherine

  2. Awesome! I love shopping local things! Where exactly are you located?

  3. Ugh, n/m... I didn't read far enough down the page LoL! Sorry!


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